From a business which started with an 18-year-old boy nervously trying to sell shitake mushrooms to
local chefs, Fungi Delecti now serves 220 wholesale customers and makes over 300 deliveries of produce every day.

The company’s unconventional roots came after Mick Racjan was challenged to see whether he could grow organic shitake mushrooms in Jersey.

The answer was a resounding yes, resulting in Mick’s son, Jamie, embarking on his selling mission around the restaurants – an experience that ignited his love of produce and his desire to work with chefs.

‘Jersey is a very foodie Island,’ said Jamie, ‘and the expectations of food quality are very high.
We work with the chefs to understand the dishes they are serving, and the ingredients they need.

‘We are committed to safeguarding the quality and provenance of all the produce we supply, and can trace every item back to where it came from, when it was planted, and when it was harvested.’


t: 863591