Andrew Soddy’s passion for the latest food offering at L’Horizon Beach Hotel and Spa is infectious.

As the hotel’s executive head chef describes the menu in the new Fusion restaurant, he brings the flavours and aromatics to life so vividly that you can almost see and taste each course.

The concept for the Fusion restaurant was born just over a year ago, with the team trialling the theme with a three-week pop-up restaurant last March.

So how exactly does he sum up the concept?

‘It is not a curry house,’ he said emphatically, ‘but the flavours are those of authentic eastern cuisine as I have experienced it, and been inspired by it, during my travels.’

Fusion-Logo Dark Brown.png


Mulligatawny (V) £7

Spiced lentil soup, yoghurt, toasted coconut, pickled quail eggs

Tandoori Halloumi (V) £8

Jersey yoghurt tandoori marinated halloumi, crispy cauliflower bhaji, pomegranate molasses gel

Jersey Scallops £12

Pan seared Kerala spiced scallops, compressed watermelon, coconut curry 

Chancre Crab £11

Chaat masala marinated mango, chancre crab, pickled beetroot, lime chilli mayonnaise, shaved coconut

Duck Leg £10

Confit duck leg arancini ball, madras spiced mayonnaise, Jersey yoghurt raita

Carpaccio £12

Rogan Josh marinated venison loin, cumin spiced Jersey Royal potato salad, crisp garlic, mint gel



Beetroot (V) £16

Mixed beetroot tandoori, lemon basmati rice and raspberry chutney

Portobello Mushroom (V) £16

Stuffed Portobello mushroom with saag paneer, crisp onions, chicken pea and Jersey Royal potato curry

Seafood £19

Local Jersey fish and seafood, light curry sauce, charred tender stem broccoli and foraged sea herbs


Atlantic Cod Fillet £18

Kerala spiced cod, curried cauliflower and mango textures

Dorset Lamb £19

Six hour braised lamb shank masala, crushed Jersey Royal potatoes, garlic green beans and pickled shallots

Pork £17

Confit ginger chilli belly pork, glazed La Mare brandy apples, curry apple sauce, local pumpkin textures



Bhapi Doi £7 

Jersey yoghurt panna cotta, Jersey rhubarb tart, vanilla ginger cream

Coconut £7

Coconut mousse, compressed rum infused pineapple, La Mare gin syrup soaked mini doughnut 

Dark Chocolate £8

Dark chocolate chilli ganache, poached baby pear, Jersey vanilla ice cream

Carrot Halwa £8

Carrot Halwa, carrot cake, cream cheese and local honey parfait 

Mango Kulfi £8

Frozen mango & Jersey cream kulfi, mint tea gel, meringues, poppy seed tuile

Jersey Ice Cream £2 (per scoop)

Our ice cream is produced with Jersey milk and cream